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Rare Theriofauna and Its Conservation

Proceedings of the Theriological School, volume 9

english version Summary. The issue is devoted to investigations of rare mammal species of Ukraine and adjacent countries, and questions of their conservation both in protected and transformed territories. A special attention was given to questions of estimation and attribution of conservation categories to species which don’t have yet a conservation status. Articles are grouped into five sections: 1) methodology of investigations; 2) analysis of fauna composition; 3) state of species’ populations; 4) mammalogical notes; 5) chronicles and information. In total, 47 papers are presented (including editor's foreword and information for authors).


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Раритетна теріофауна та її охорона / За редакцією І. Загороднюка. — Луганськ, 2008. — 312 с. (Серія: Праці Теріологічної Школи. Випуск 9). ISBN 978-966-02-4638-6.
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Rare Theriofauna and Its Conservation / Edited by I. Zagorodniuk. Luhansk, 2008, 312 p. (Series: Proceedings of the Theriological School. Volume 9). ISBN 978-966-02-4638-6.
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Editor’s preface (title, contents, preface)


1. Methodology of investigations


Zagorodniuk I. Rare and valuable fauna and criteria of species rarity

Vishnevskiy D., Kotlyarov O. Estimations of large mammal species abundance in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone: an analysis of different sources of data

Gaschak S. About an experience of automatic photography of wild animals in the Chornobyl zone

Golenko A., Tyshchenko V., Myakushko S. Towards methods of bat preservation ex situ (by the example of Eptesicus serotinus in the Kyiv Zoo)

Dulitsky A. About conception of «rarity» from the viewpoint of the Crimean red deer status

Parnikoza I., Zagorodniuk I., Dulitsky A., Godlevska O. Recommendations for compiling of regional red lists

Parnikoza I. Conservation of Ukrainian steppes: what can be done today?

Timoshenkov V. A role of small reserved areas and their guard regimes in conservation of rare species of terrestrial mammals (by the example of «Khomutovsky steppe» Natural Reserve)

Shpak A. Bat conservation in Belarus: the history and the current status


2. Analysis of fauna composition


Antonets N. Rare species of mammals in the Dnipro-Orilsky Natural Reserve

Gaschak S., Hoofer S. R., Makluk Ju., Meeks H., Wickliffe J., Baker R. About species diversity of mice genus Sylvaemus in Ukraine

Godlevskaya E., Panchenko P., Formanjuk O. New data on cave-dwelling bats of Odessa city vicinities

Dykyy I., Srebrodolska E. Rare and non-abundant mammal species of the Shatsk National Park

Zagorodniuk I., Korobchenko M. Rare fauna of eastern Ukraine: composition and distribution of rare species

Zaytseva H., Prydetkevich S. Dynamics of occupancy of nest-boxes by arboreal animals at the territory of Kamenetske Prydnistrovia

Zenina І. Mammal fauna of the «Pripiatskij» National Park from the point of view of its rarity

Zizda Ju. Rare species in communities of small mammals of the Transcarpathian forest ecosystems

Zorya A. Levels of abundance and needs for protection of shrews and mouse-like rodents in the Kharkiv province

Taranenko L., Melnichenko B., Pilipenko D., Diyakov V. Rare species of terrestrial mammals in the Donetsk province: current state and perspectives of protection

Tovpinets M., Evstafiev I. Rare species of terrestrial mammals in the Crimea: modern state and perspectives of conservations


3. State of species’ populations


Hlynska R. A current state of badger (Meles meles) settlements in Medobory Nature Reserve

Dykyy I., Kus’nezh O., Mysiuk V. Fauna of bats of Medova cave (Lviv region) and prospects of its protection

Zharkikh T., Yasynetska N. Route censuses of ungulates in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone

Zhyla S. Mountain hare (Lepus timidus) in the Polissky Natural Reserve: distribution by biotopes and factors determining it

Korobchenko M. Northern mole-vole (Ellobius talpinus) on the sand areas of the Derkul river valley (Rostov and Luhansk provinces)

Naglov V., Tkach G. Harvest mouse (Micromys minutus) in the Kharkiv province

Selyunina Z. Influence of intensity of nature management on the state of jerboas populations in the south of Ukraine

Tokarsky V. Steppe marmot (Marmota bobak) as a structural-functional link in steppe biocenoses of Ukraine

Shevchenko S. Long-eared hedgehog (Hemiechinus auritus) in Ukraine: a review


4. Mammalogy notes


Antonets N., Shumkova M. Review of Sicista subtilis records in the Dnipropetrovsk province

Bronskov A. Encounter of the stoat (Mustela erminea) on the Donetsk ridge

Zaika S. A new record of Neomys fodiens on Eastern Ukraine

Kovalova O., Kobozeva N., Burdo O., Glazko T. Micronuclei test as method of definition the seasonal alteration of cytogenetic characteristics in mammals

Kuznetsov V., Zagorodniuk I. Vole Terricola subterraneus and shrew Neomys fodiens in Luhansk province: analysis of database of SES for 1990–2007

Savarin A. Occurrence of Eptesicus serotinus in South-Eastern Belarus

Skubak E. Death of bats on roads in the «Sviati Hory» Nature Park (Donetsk province)

Stetsula N. Arvicola scherman in rodents communities of the National Park «Skolivski Beskydy»

Cherednichenko V. Role of marmot in steppe biocenose of north-eastern Ukraine

Shkvyrya M. Aspects of wolf biocenotical relations with other carnivores


5. Chronicles and information


Zagorodniuk I. European Mammal Assessment: totals of IUCN workshop

Zaytseva H. The XIII International Theriological school «Rare mammal fauna»

Parnikoza I. Mammal fauna of Ukraine needs in urgent and effective threats for protection (news release after «Therioshkola 2006»)

Kolesnikov M. Mammal species in the regional red list of the Luhansk province

Krivitski I., Zagorodniuk I. Eminent Ukrainian theriologists Oleksiy Mygulin and Yakiv Zubko

Zagorodniuk I., Godlevska O. Old issues of zoological line in Ukraine and theriology at pages of «Proceedings of Zoological Museum NAS of Ukraine»

ssues of «Proceedings of the Theriological School» and rules for authors


Contents (in English)


Email address of the Editorial Board: mammalia@ukr.net



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