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Theriologia Ukrainica 22 (2021)

East-European Journal of Theriology

 Resume. Volume 22 of Theriologia completes the second dozen of our issues and leads to a new decade. In total, the volume consist of 13 articles. The volume and all articles in it receive a DOI, each article has a home page, all articles have an extended summary in English, as well as translated English table titles, captions to figures and bibliography. The volume is in the final stage of makeup, and access to full texts (pdf) will be after the completion of this procedure. Now in the contents just reviewed abd accepted articles are listed. Image on the cover is a photo of the least weasel, a symbol of this year, by Serhiy Ryzhov.


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Theriologia Ukrainica. Kyiv, 2021. Vol. 22. 156 pages
p-ISSN 2616-7379 e-ISSN 2617-1120


Contents (PROJECT)



Fauna and Systematics


Iliykhin, Y. Rodents of family Gliridae in the collection of the Museum of Nature of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv University

7 pages


Distribution and Abundance


Evstafiev, I. Limits of distribution of small mammals from isolated populations of the mountain-forest Crimea
8 pages

Morphology and Variation


Volokh, A. Determination of the age of the Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber L.)

15 pages

Fauna and Communities



Selyunina, Z. V., M. I. Nitochko. The social vole, Microtus socialis (ricetidae, Rodentia) on the Yahorlytsky Kut peninsula

6 pages

Chronicles and Information

Summary of articles (Ukrainian)

6 pages


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