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Theriologia Ukrainica 21 (2021)

East-European Journal of Theriology

українська версія Resume. Volume 21 of Theriologia completes the second dozen of our issues and leads to a new decade. In total, the volume consist of 13 articles. The volume and all articles in it receive a DOI, each article has a home page, all articles have an extended summary in English, as well as translated English table titles, captions to figures and bibliography. The volume is in the final stage of makeup, and access to full texts (pdf) will be after the completion of this procedure. Image on the cover is a photo of a lynx, a symbol of our society, by Serhiy Grigoriev.


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Theriologia Ukrainica. Kyiv, 2021. Vol. 21. 180 pages
p-ISSN 2616-7379 e-ISSN 2617-1120




Fauna and Systematics


Artemieva, E. Urban mammal fauna under conditions of a large city (on the example of Ulyanovsk, Middle Volga Region)

Volokh, A., P. Gorlov, V. Siokhin, I. Polishchuk. Species diversity of bats (Chiroptera) in the Ukrainian Azov Region and features of their stay by seasons

Evstafiev, I. Mice of the genus Mus in the Crimea: species diagnostics, distribution, and ecology

Zagorodniuk, I. Species and ecomorphological differentiation of the genus Arvicola (Mammalia) in Eastern Europe


Distribution and Abundance



Abramchuk, A., S. Shokalo, Yu. Yankevich. The speckled ground squirrel (Spermophilus suslicus) in Belarus: new localities, old threats, and prospects of conservation

Zhyla, S. The Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) in the Ukrainian Polissia: state of population and conservation issues

Rozhenko, M. The current state of the golden jackal groups in the Lower Dnister National Nature Park


Monitoring and Ecology


Vyshnevsky, D. The experience of low-resource fauna research by using camera traps

Drebet, M. V., V. Yu. Martyniuk, A. V. Lishchuk. Acoustic monitoring of bats: experience of organization in protected areas of Podillia

Martsiv, M., I. Dykyy. Comparative analysis of the diet of members of the families Mustelidae and Canidae

Sheihas, I. M. Characteristics of limiting factors affecting the state of hunting resources of Ukraine


Research on Species



Stanytsina, H. O., I. Zagorodniuk. The European hamster (Cricetus cricetus) in captivity: keeping and breeding experience

Khoyetskyy, P. B., D. V. Pishniak. The status of the fur seal population (Arctocephalus gazelle) at the southern edge of the species range (the Argentine Islands)


Chronicles and Information

Summary of articles (Ukrainian)


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