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European Bat Night '98 in Ukraine

Proceedings of the Theriological School, Volume 1

english version Summary. The collected articles are grouped into 6 thematic parts. The first one presents historical review on bat investigations in Ukraine and works of the Ukrainian Chiropterological Center. The second part is dedicated to estimation of species composition of the Ukrainian bat fauna, conservation categories of species and problems of species diagnostics. The third part is dedicated to estimation of the species composition of the bat fauna within protected territories, and the next one considers the species composition of bat fauna of large administrative and natural regions with the analysis of historical changes in distribution and abundance of bats, of data according to the bat census in cave wintering shelters, and summer registrations using detectors. The reference part presents new updated points of view on bats scientific names, data on protected categories of bats, addresses of theriologists, and thematic reference lists.


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Editor Foreword. Welcoming word  >>>

Part 1. History of investigations

Kovtun M., Krochko Ju. On the history of bat studies on the territory of Ukraine  P. 10-15 >>>
Zagorodniuk I., Pokynchereda V., Domashlinets V. Activity and additional materials of the Ukrainian chiropterological centre  P. 16-23 >>>
Domashlinets V. International and legislation aspects of the bat conservation  P. 24-29 >>>

Part 2. Species composition and diagnostics

Zagorodniuk I. Systematic review of bats from the Eastern Europe  P. 32-48 >>>
Pokynchereda V. Identification of Ukrainian bats by external featrures  >>>
Zagorodniuk I. Polyspecies of bats from the Eastern Europe and their diagnostics (pdf 212 kb) >>>
Ciba A. Diagnostics of sibling-species of the mouse-eared bats, Myotis s. str.  >>>

Part 3. Bat communities of the natural reserve territories

Ruzhilenko N., Grishchenko V., Mezherin V., Tsvelykh O. Bat fauna of the Kaniv Natural Reserve  >>>
Seljunina Z. Bats of the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve  >>>
Kiseljuk O. Bats of the Carpathian National Park  >>>
Fedorchenko A., Tkach V. Bats of the Danube River delta  >>>
Zenina I. Bats of nature reserved territories of the Central Polesje  >>>
Pokynchereda V. F., Dovganych Ja. Bat ringing in the Carpathian Natural Reserve  >>>
Bulakhov V. L., Chehorka P. T. Modern state of bat fauna in the Dnipropetrovsk region  >>>

Part 4. Regional fauna features

Polushina N. State of bat population in the Western Podilja  >>>
Vargovich R. Hibernation of bats (Chiroptera) in the gypsum caves of Bukovina and Podilia  >>>
Merzlikin I., Lebid E. Notes on the bats from the Sumy oblast  >>>
Zagorodnyuk I. First bat census using ultrasound detector in Kyiv at 1997-1998  P. 128-133 >>>
Sheshurak P., Kedrov B. To bat investigation in the Chernigiv Oblast of Ukraine  >>>
Kondratenko O. Bat fauna of the Lugansk province  >>>

Part 5. Short communications

Merzlikin I. On cases of preying on bats  >>>
Tkach V., Fedorchenko A. Records of Pipistrellus kuhli on the South of Ukraine  P. 150-152 >>>
Dykyj І., Srebrodolska E., Bashta T. Bat research in Lviv oblast: past and present  >>>
Pokynchereda V. F., Pokynchereda V. V. New record of Myotis bechsteinii from the Ukrainian Carpathians  >>>

Part 6. Addition Materials

Lina P. Scientific names of European bat species  >>>
Zagorodniuk I. Protected categories for East European bats  >>>
Pokynchereda V. Cadastre of underground bat hibernate roosts on the territory of the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve  >>>
Zagorodniuk I. Defining dictionary of cranial diagnostic features of bats  >>>
Participants and respondents of the Theriological school
Zagorodniuk I. Bibliography on bat fauna of Ukraine  >>>



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