in childhood I was zoologist


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Life in Ukrainian Theriological Society

vice-president of UTS, leader of the Theriological School, web-master of this site, member of Council of UTS, Theriological School, and Ukrainian Centre for Bat Protection.


Scientific interests

Main interests: Cryptic diversity of vertebrate fauna. Biogeography, ecomorphology and evolution of sibling species. Ecology and protection of mammals in Ukraine. Pattern of faunal communities anf historical changes of fauna.



Candidate of Biosciences (Ph. D.): Systematics of common and pine voles of Eastern Europe. Kyiv: Institute of Zoology, Ukr. AS, 1991, 82 pp. Supervisors: Prof. Nikolay Vorontsov & Dr. Elena Liapunova.
Doctor of Biosciences (in progress): Cryptic diversity of mammals in Eastern Europe: biogeographical and ecomorphological analysis. Kyiv: Institute of Zoology, N.A.S.U., Scientific consultant: Prof. Ihor Emelianov.



Current position: assistant professor in Ecology & Zoology, Chieff of Laboratory of Animal Ecology and Biogeography (>>>), Luhansk National University.



Laboratory of Animal Ecology and Biogeography,
Taras Shevchenko's Luhansk National University.

Post: P.O.Box 48, Luhansk-11, 91011, Ukraine.
E-mail: zoozag @

Selected publications (pdf collection) >>>

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