Mammal Fauna of Eastern Ukraine

Proceedings of the Theriological School, volume 7

українська версіяSummary. The issue is devoted to research on wild mammals of Eastern Ukraine, both on protected territories and in the region in general. The basis of this edition was made by printed and handwritten materials, prepared by the known Ukrainian theriologist Alexander Kondratenko (1975–2004), who studied research history, modern state of fauna, mammalian distribution and ecology. The volume contains 8 new articles by A. Kondratenko. Publications are grouped into 6 sections: research history and fauna surveys, analysis of fauna composition, analysis of communities, fauna protection, investigations of colleagues, reminiscences, and chronicles, in total 53 papers.


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Editor's preface

Zagorodniuk I. History of one man. — P. 7. >>> pdf (122 kb) — title, contents, preface

1. Research history and fauna survey

Kondratenko O. History of investigations of small mammal fauna in the region of Donets-Don and the Donets-Azov steppes. — С. 8–17. >>> pdf (133 kb)

Kondratenko O., Borovyk Ye. Theriological investigations in the Natural Reserve "Striltsivsky steppe". — P. 18–23. >>> pdf (87 kb)

Kondratenko O. Theriological investigations in the reserve "Provalsky steppe". P. 24–28. >>> pdf (74 kb)

Limansky S., Kondratenko O. Modern state of the mammal fauna of the natural reserve "Kreydiana flora". — P. 29–32. >>> pdf (65 kb)

Timoshenkov V., Kondratenko O. Study of mammal fauna in natural reserve “Khomutovsky steppe”. — P. 33–37. >>> pdf (78 kb)

Kondratenko O. Bat fauna of the Luhansk province. — P. 38–41. >>> pdf (65 kb)

Kondratenko O., Kolesnikov M., Solovjeva T. Modern state of bat fauna in the Luhansky reserve. — P. 42–48. >>> pdf (87 kb)

Kolesnikov M., Kondratenko O. History of investigation of carnivores In the Donetsk-Don and Donetsk-Azov steppes. — P. 49–54. >>> pdf (85 kb)

Kolesnikov M., Kondratenko O. Current state of populations of rare species of carnivore mammals of family Mustelidae in the south-eastern part of Ukraine. — С. 55–62. >>> pdf (167 kb)

2. Analysis of fauna composition of the Donets region

Kondratenko A. V. The mound-building mouse, Mus spicilegus (Mammalia, Rodentia) in eastern regions of Ukraine. — P. 63–66. >>> pdf (99 kb)

Zagorodniuk I., Kondratenko O. Sicista severtzovi and its relatives in rodent fauna of Ukraine: cytogenetic and biogeographical analysis. — P. 67–74. >>> pdf (259 kb)

Kuznetsov V., Kondratenko O. Small mammal fauna of reserved territories of the Luhansk province after results of the birds of pray pellets analysis. — P. 75–76. >>> pdf (45 kb)

Kondratenko O., Kuznetsov V., Timoshenkov V. Peculiarities of diet of the long-eared owl (Asio otus) in the Donets-and-Don and Azov steppes. — P. 77–79. >>> pdf (60 kb)

Kondratenko O., Tovpinets M. Mammals in the diet of owls from the Donetsk-Don and Donetsk-Azov steppes. — P. 80–83. >>> pdf (65 kb)

Vetrov V., Kondratenko O. Feeding of the eagle owl, Bubo bubo, in Lugansk region (Eastern Ukraine). — P. 84–91. >>> pdf (100 kb)

Kondratenko O., Kuznetsov V., Zolotukhina S. Cricetulus migratorius, Lagurus lagurus and Ellobius talpinus (Rodentia, Mammalia) in the Donetsk-and-Don and Donetsk-and-Azov steppes. — P. 92–97. >>> pdf (83 kb)

Kondratenko O., Pilipenko D., Dyakov V. The peculiarities of the European mole’s distribution in the middle part of the Siversky Donets valley. — P. 98–102. >>> pdf (176 kb)

Mammalogical notes under autority of O. Kondratenko. — P. 103–113. >>> pdf (171 kb)

3. Analysis of mammalian communities

Kondratenko O., Foroschuk V. The account of fine mammal and other groups of animals using ditch with pitfalls, with the purpose of studying their communities. — P. 114–116. >>> pdf (57 kb)

Kondratenko O., Petrushenko Ya., Godlevska O. Results of investigation of bat fauna (Chiroptera, Mammalia) in middle flow of Siversky Donets valley as aspect of creation of new objects of the natural reserve fund. — P. 117–119. >>> pdf (56 kb)

Kondratenko O., Zagorodniuk I. Small mammal’s fauna of reserved territories of Eastern Ukraine based on results of census using traps and pitfalls. — P. 120–135. >>> pdf (212 kb)

Naglov V., Kuznetsov V., Kondratenko A. About relation of aetiological pattern of feral herds of leptospirosis with pattern of floodplain communities of small mammals. — P. 136–138. >>> pdf (58 kb)

Zagorodniuk I., Kondratenko O. Biotope differentiation of species as a basis for existence of high level of species diversity of the local fauna. — P. 139–148. >>> pdf (122 kb)

Kondratenko O., Zagorodniuk I. Composition and pattern of similarity of small mammal faunas from the reserved sites of eastern part of Ukraine. — P. 149–155. >>> pdf (389 kb)

Naglov V., Kondratenko A., Kuznetsov V. Small mammal communities of river floodplains in Eastern Ukraine. — P. 156–166. >>> pdf (157 kb)

Kondratenko O., Zagorodniuk I. Zonal faunal communities of small mammals in the eastern Ukraine and their historical changes. — P. 167–173. >>> pdf (361 kb)

4. Problems of mammal fauna protection

Zagorodniuk I., Kondratenko O., Borovyk E. Species of Insectivores as candidates to Bern’s annexes. Long-eared hedgehog (Hemiechinus auritus). — P. 174–176. >>> pdf (58 kb)

Kondratenko O., Zagorodniuk I. Steppe rodents as candidates to annexes of Bern Convention. — P. 177–182. >>> pdf (79 kb)

Zagorodniuk I., Kondratenko O. Allospecies of the “Bern” species of rodents. — P. 183–188. >>> pdf (95 kb)

Zagorodniuk I., Kondratenko O. Russian Desman in the Donets Basin: state of lands, factors of extinction and prospects of reha-bilitation of populations. — P. 189–201. >>> pdf (204 kb)

Godlevska E., Kondratenko O. Death of bats in window-traps. — P. 202–203. >>> pdf (51 kb)

Kondratenko O., Zagorodniuk I., Tovpinets M. Sketches about rare species of steppe mammals for new edition of the Red Data Book of Ukraine. — P. 204–210. >>> pdf (95 kb)

Zagorodniuk I., Kondratenko O. Modern distribution and state of populations of susliks (Spermophilus) in the East of Ukraine. — P. 211–214. >>> pdf (354 kb)

Timoshenkov V., Kondratenko O. Methods of revelation of rare animal species and strategy of their preservation in modern conditions. — P. 215–216. >>> pdf (48 kb)

5. More in articles of colleagues

Zagorodniuk I. Mammals of eastern provinces of Ukraine: composition and historical changes of the fauna. — P. 217–259. >>> pdf (835 kb)

Atamas N., Tovpinets M. Mammals in diet of birds of pray in Luhansk province: general review of data. — P. 260–267. >>> pdf (102 kb)

Reznik O. Observations of birds of prey in the Luhansk province and problems of faunal communities protection. — P. 268–275. >>> pdf (105 kb)

Korobchenko M. Ecology of feral herd infections with participation of mammals in the Luhansk province. — P. 276–290. >>> pdf (304 kb)

Naglov V., Zagorodniuk I. Statistical analysis of species biotope preference and community pattern. — P. 291–300. >>> pdf (163 kb)

Melnychenko B., Pylypenko D. Mammal and bird fauna of the Federivsky forest massive. — P. 301–308. >>> pdf (97 kb)

6. Memories about Alexander Kondratenko >>> pdf (248 kb)

Kondratenko L. My son. — P. 309–311.
Dykyy I. The Lord of the Steppe. — P. 312–316.
Zaytseva A. Sun. — P. 317.
Zizda Ju. Crimean and Boog meetings. — P. 318–319.
Timoshenkov V. Thanck you, Sasha! — P. 320–321.
Dushinova L. Cathedral meetings. — P. 322–323.
Erokhina N. Can organize everybody and everything. — P. 324.
Foroschuk P. To survive all, except death. — P. 325.
Foroschuk V. Associates. — P. 326–329.
Zagorodniuk I. Professional. — P. 330–334.

7. Chronicles and information

Zahorodniuk I., Godlevska O. Bibliography of scientific articles by Olexandr Kondratenko. — P. 335–339. >>> pdf (77 kb)
Prykhodko O., Reznik O. Memorial events and editions deal with Olexandr Kondratenko. — P. 340–343. >>> pdf (91 kb)
Zizda Ju., Dulitsky A., Prykhodko O. XII Theriological school-seminar "Synanthropy of mammals and fauna of urboecosystems". — P. 344–347. >>> pdf (93 kb)
Authors of current issue of the "Proceedings of Theriological school". — P. 348–349. >>> pdf (63 kb)
Acknowledgements. — P. 350. (>>> see previous file)


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