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Theriologia Ukrainica 19 (2020)

East-European Journal of Theriology

українська версія Resume. Volume 19 is a first issue of Theriologica Ukrainica (East-European Journal of Mammalogy) in new decade (2020). Totaly, volume includes 16 articles and two chonicles on 168 pages. The volume and all articles in it received digital identifiers (DOI), each article has home page, English extended summary, and translated into English all table names, captures to figures and bibliography. Most articles are available in full text format (pdf). The photo on the cover is a photo of a young fallow deer, winner of the photo contest "Pig and her relatives" (2019), author Tatiana Tureiska.


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Theriologia Ukrainica. Kyiv, 2020. Vol. 19. 168 pages
p-ISSN 2616-7379 e-ISSN 2617-1120




Fauna and Systematics


Zagorodniuk, I. Close species of rodents of the superfamily Muroidae in the fauna of Ukraine: taxonomy, biogeography, differences, and ecomorphology

Markovska, O., H. Tkach. Mouse-like rodents and shrews in Kharkiv Oblast (Ukraine): species composition, distribution, and current state of populations


Morphology and Variation


Homel, K.V., K. Sliwinska, A. A. Volnisty, M. E. Nikiforov. New data on the genetic diversity of European bison (Bison bonasus) in Belarus


Smagol, V., V. Smagol. Variation of craniometrical characters in an artificial population of Cervus nippon from Askania-Nova, Ukraine


Csanady, A. Hares and rabbits (Leporidae) in collection of the Saris Museum, Bardejov (Slovakia)



Distribution and Abundance



Zagorodniuk, I., S. Kharchuk. A historical, etymological, and biogeographical study of Ukrainian names of mammals of the genus Spermophilus (Mammalia)


Kmiecik, P., A. Kmiecik, J. Furmankiewicz, T. Postawa, G. Wojtaszyn, K. Antczak. The Alcathoe bat (Myotis alcathoe) in Poland: description of the northernmost localities


Vikyrchak, O., P. Ploschansky. Finds of the fat dormouse (Glis glis) in cave-type shelters in the Middle Dnister Region


Savenko, O. The first record of a piebald common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) in coastal waters of the north-western Black Sea


Monitoring and Ecology


Andreychev, A.  The greater mole-rat (Spalax microphthalmus) and humans: facets of interaction in the Middle Volga Region


Evstafiev, I. Small mammals as reservoirs and vectors of pathogens of Yersinia infections (Yersinia enterocolitica and Y. pseudotuberculosis)


Lazariev, D. Current state of the steppe marmot (Marmota bobak) population in Striltsivskyi Steppe (East of Ukraine)

Savarin, A., D. Kitel. Small mammals in the diet of the long-eared owl (Asio otus) in the southwest of Belarus

Khoyetskyy, P. B. Monitoring of the leopard seal population (Hydrurga leptonyx) in waters of the Argentine Islands (Antarctica)


Chronicles and Information


Emelyanov, I., I. Zagorodniuk. Vadym Topachevsky, an outstanding zoologist and manager of science (to the researcher’s 90th anniversary)


Kovshar, A. F. The zoological yearbook Selevinia: an overview


Summary of articles (Ukrainian)


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