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Proceedings of the Theriological School, volume 10

Monitoring of Mammal Fauna

english version Summary. The volume is devoted to the investigations based on the tasks of monitoring of the mammal fauna in general or specific census groups and species of mammals. Materials of this volume are grouped into four sections: "General questions" (4 articles), "Investigations of fauna and communities" (7 articles), "Investigations of species" (6 articles) and "Chronicles and information" (7 communications), in total 24 contributions. This volume includes works related to the study of protected fauna and monitoring of mammals in the centers of zoonoses, research on features of regional faunas, analysis of long-term data series on population abundance and species composition of communities. Materials about conferences and biography of colleagues are presented in the last section.


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Proceedings of the Theriological School. 2010. Volume 10. 180 p.
Праці Теріологічної Школи. 2010. Том 10. 180 с.
p-ISSN 2312–2749 e-ISSN 2074-2274
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Editor's foreword

5 >



General questions



Evstafiev I. Methodology of system analysis: theory and practice of ecological and epizootic prognosis

6-12 >

Zagorodniuk I. Cryptic diversity and changes of views on mammal fauna composition

13-27 >

Zaika S. Monitoring of small mammals populations by the pellet method

28-39 >

Prydatko V., Kolomytsev G., Makarenko V.  Magnitude of historical and expected changes of mammals' natural habitats in Eastern Eurasia based on the EEBIO (GLOBIO) modelling approach

40-46 >



Investigations of fauna and communities



Drebet M., Matveyev V., Tarasenko M. Results of the bats census in the Podilsky Tovtry National Park in hibernation period of 2008

47-52 >

Dulitskiy A. The real and virtual elements in the dynamics of fauna list of Crimean mammals

53-64 >

Zorya O. Monitoring of small mammal fauna of the Kharkiv region: totals of 20-year cycle of observation

65-72 >

Naglov V. The role of different species of small mammals in circulation of different leptospiroses serogroups in natural cells in the Kharkiv region

73-83 >

Pidirka I. Dynamics of rabies epizootic of 1998–2009 in the Cherkasy oblast

84-87 >

Roshko V., Kron A. Community changes of small mammals under conditions of chronic electromagnetic stress

88-95 >

Tovpinets N., Evstafiev I. Distribution and dynamics of abundance of Micromammalia in the Crimea

95-106 >



Investigation of species



Bronskov A., Timoshenkov V. Distribution and abundance of the gray ground squirrel (Spermophilus pygmaeus) in the Donetsk region

107-114 >

Zizda Yu. Intravital methods in research into the ecology of animals and their significance in investigations on the example of Sciurus vulgaris

115-127 >

Kovalchuk O. The elk (Alces alces L.) as a part of former and modern fauna of the Sumy region: changes of number and its causes

128-134 >

Merzlikin I., Sheverdyukova A. New records of the Mediterranean water shrew, Neomys anomalus Cabrera (Insectivora, Soricidae), in the Sumy oblast

135-136 >

Parnikoza I., Sesin V., Boreiko V. European bison (Bison bonasus L.) in Ukraine: history, current state and perspectives of conservation

137-149 >

Khoyetskyy P. Monitoring of the situation "man and bear"

150-154 >



Chronicles and information



Gaschak S. The XIV Theriological school-seminar: analysis of totals of the work (Chornobyl, 2007)

155-158 >

Korobchenko M. The XV Theriological school-seminar «Problem species of mammals» (Kaniv, 2008): report about work

159-164 >

Parnikoza I. Totals of the European bison year 2009 in Ukraine

165-167 >

Selyunina Z. Information about XI conference "Rodents & Spatium" in Myshkin city (2008)

168-169 >

Skilsky I., Smirnov N., Meleschuk L. All-Ukrainian conference "Modern Museum. Scientific and display activity": theriological aspect

170-172 >

Naglova G. Life of Vladimir Aleksandrovich Naglov (1930–2009)

173-174 >

Golenko A. The work of the Centre for bat rehabilitation in Kyiv Zoo in 1999–2010

175-178 >


Contents (In English)

179-180 >


Email address of the Editorial Board: mammalia@ukr.net



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