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download pdfSheihas, I. M. 2021. Characteristics of limiting factors affecting the state of hunting resources of Ukraine. Theriologia Ukrainica, 21: 141–151.



Characteristics of limiting factors affecting the state of hunting resources of Ukraine


Igor M. Sheihas (


Steppe Branch of G. M. Vysotsky Ukrainian Research Institute of Forestry and Forest Melioration (Oleshky, Ukraine)


Theriologia Ukrainica. 2021. Vol. 21: 141–151.




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The abundance of game animals that are in a state of natural freedom, as a natural resource of national importance, is the result of a number of different factors, which are divided into three main groups according to their origin and functional role. The feeding potential and the quality of protective features of habitats of wild animals are the main biotic factors determining the category of value of a particular kind of land, which should theoretically form the quantitative state and structure of aboriginal populations of animals and birds. Although direct dependence between the quality of hunting grounds and the abundance of faunal components of the biocoenosis was not revealed. A comparative classification of hunting grounds was carried out in accordance with the class of bonitet within the natural zones. It is determined that the low actual level of efficiency of national hunting in the research area does not correspond to the high average indicators of value categories (creditworthiness) of lands. At the same time, a significant additional role of the professional hunting approach to hunting management is observed. The highest profitability of hunting is where the highest level of intensity and quality of hunting management measures, in particular protection and biotechnical measures, are applied. Own observations confirmed by the analysis of state statistical reporting indicate the potential for biotechnological improvement of the value category of lands. In farms where wildlife management measures are regularly performed, the abundance of predators is controlled, measures against illegal hunting are carried out, as well as other anthropogenic factors are controlled, in particular where chemicals and environmental management of agriculture and forestry are observed, additional feeding sources for game animals is provided. In such farms, hunting performance indicators (achieving optimal numbers and the degree of use of hunting resources) are higher than in other farms with a similar natural potential. It has been established that, in addition to the quality of land, the following influencing factors have a limiting effect on the quantitative and qualitative state of populations of the main game species: anthropogenic factors such as illegal hunting and low professional level of hunting; biotic factors such as predation by wolves. The effect of other factors having a negative impact is not limiting.


hunting resource, wild animals, influencing factors, category of value of hunting grounds, illegal hunting, predation by wolves



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