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2009: Year of European Bison in Ukraine. According to Resolution of the 15 Annual Theriological Workshop in Ukraine, 2009 year has been named as Year of European Bison in Ukraine. European bison (zubr) is the most endangered mammal species in Ukraine, that was saved due to several natural protection actions after almost full destruction of its populations in Europe in a whole. English version of this web-site include one of the most important articles on this topic >>>

1.09.2008. Issue 9 of the "Proceedings of the Theriological School" entitled "Rare theriofauna and its conservation" is published. Main parameters of this edition are: 53 matherials, 312 pages, 300 samples.

18.08.2008. 15 Theriological school will held in the Kaniv Natural Reserve 6–11 october 2008. Main theme of workshop is: "Problematic species: diagnostics, distribution, ecology". For details contact with Organising Comittee:

12.08.2008. Page "Mammal fauna of Ukraine" on this site is update. Total list of mammals includes 30 families, 80 genera and 143 species (keep in mind extinct in historical time, introduced and invasion species).

17.10.2007. 14 Theriological school was held 24–28 September 2008 in Chornobyl Exclusive Zone. Main theme of this school was "Monitoring of fauna and distant methods of mammal investigations". Total, there were 67 participants.

07.08.2007. Theriological library of our site includes 428 files, and together with pages "our fauna", "hot reading" and "reports of workshops" exceeds 500 sources. The lion's share of this publications are from series "Proceedings of Theriological school". It is one of most high-capacity electronic resource in ukrainian zoology.

21.07.2007. Preparation for XIV Annual Theriological workshop is in progress: first circular was distributed and special page "Shkola-14" on this site was created.

19.05.2007. Volume VII of the "Proceedings of Theriological School" entitled ""Mammal Fauna of the East of Ukraine" was published. This issue includes 54 matherials with total volume 352 pages in B5-format.

27.04.2007. New (XIV) Theriological workshop under title "Monitoring of fauna and distant methods of investigations" will be held in Chornobyl Zone in the second part of September 2007. (All informations are previous and will be make presize).

14.03.2007. Collection of articles deals with mammals of Ukrainian fauna on this web-site has reach more than 350 files in PDF-format. On page "library" of our site we can find searching system Google.

12.02.2007. Compilation of articles for new issue of "Proceedings of the Theriological school" is finished. Title of issue is "Rarity mammal fauna of Ukraine". Issue apparently will published before beginning of the XIV Theriological workshop.

23.01.2007. PhD dissertation of Lena Godlevska "A current state of bat fauna of Ukraine in conditions of anthropogenic transformation of the environment" has succesfully presentation. Our congratulations!

28.12.2006. Edition of new volume of ""Proceedings of the Theriological School" was finished. This volume is devoted to memmory of Alexandr Kondratenko and entitled "Mammal fauna of the east of Ukraine" (346 pages).

22.12.2006. Public presentation of a thesis by Lena Godlevska "A current state of bat fauna of Ukraine in conditions of anthropogenic transformation of the environ­ment" (supervisor Igor Zagorodniuk) will be at January 23, 2007, Institute of Zoology NASU.

14.10.2006. XIIІ Annual Theriological workshop took place in Kamjanets-Podilsky University during 9 to 13 october 2006. Main theme of workshop was "Rarity mammal fauna". There were about 60 participants from Ukraine and Belorussia.

27.07.2006. Theriological life in Ukraine now is announced in new extended version of this site after ending of new step of its updating and developing. Main part of the update version is the chapter "library", that makes accesible our publications for foreign colleagues.

04.07.2006. Organisation works for next Theriological school is start. School-seminal will be held in Kamjanets-Podilsky (Western Ukraine) in the end of september ot beginning of october, 2006. OAccording to proposition of organising committee, maim theme of this school will be "Rarity fauna of Ukraine and adjacent countries".

20.05.2006. Volume 8 of the "Proccedings of Theriological School" is in press. Volume is devoted to theme "Fauna in anthropogenic environments" and includes proccedings of XII Theriological School-seminar (Luhansk, 2005).

24.09.2004. The site is renewed with information on the 11 Theriological school, that will be hold at the base of Regional Landscape Park "Granitno-Stepove Pobuzhzhya" from 11 to 16 of October. The main School's topic: "Investigations of hydrophilic communities of mammals".

5.07.2003. Schedule working meeting of HELP will be hold at the base of Polissya Natural Reserve and will be devoted to questions of monitoring of large predators. It will take four days (between 20 of January and 10 of February). Organizing committee - Sergiy Zhyla, Igor Zagorodniuk, Maryna Shkvyrya, Igor Dykyi. Detailed information on this meeting will be placed later.