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Networks and societies
Academical institutes
Zoological issues
International conventions
Red Data Book of Ukraine and IUCN

Networks — site of the Ukrainian Centre for Bat Protection. — site "Rarity fauna of the Carpathians". — site by Igor Evstafiev ""World of animals". — site of the Ukrainian Society for Bird Protection. — site of the Centre of Chiropterological Information PAS.

Institutes — site of the Institute of Zoology, NAS Ukraine. — site of the Institute of Vertebrate Biology, AS Czech Republic. — site with chromosome numbers of mammals.

Issues — Visnyk of Lviv University (proccedings of our workshops in vol. 30, 38). — site of "Folia Zoologica" with pdf-version of all articles for last 4 years. — bibliographical from last edition of "Mammals of the World". — classic zoological issues of soviet time in html-format. — journal of the Schmalhausen Institute of zoology, "Vestnik zoologii"

International conventions — site Council of Europe with pages for Bern Convention. — site of Bonn Convention. — site of EUROBATS. — site of ACCOBAMS. — site of AEWA. — site of Washington Convention (CITES). — site of Ramsar Convention. — site of Convention on Biological Diversity.

Red Data Book of Ukraine and IUCN — site of Ministry of Unvironment of Ukraine. — lows of Ukraine on site of Suprime Soviet of Ukraine. — site "Red Data Book of Ukraine". — electronic version of RDB of Ukraine. — site of Red Data Book of IUCN. — Red Data Book of Black Sea.



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