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українська версія What "school" means

The Theriological School was found in 1993 as one of work nets of the Ukrainian Theriological Society on initiative of Igor Zagorodniuk. The School's activities are directed at energization of research of mammals, at elaboration of measures for their conservation and protection, at debugging of the net for distance research methods, development of initiatives on conservation of bats and large predators, at information interchange.

The initial idea for the School is an annual meeting for theriologists working in natural reserves and biological stations to submit methods for faunistic censuses, for monitoring research keeping, for experience interchange. The School was organized during the period of total academical and economical crisis. And one of the main tasks for the School was to preserve specialists' circle and to organize colleagues communication in conditions of entire information lack and decline of field work.

Now School extended the circle of tasks. However its initial tasks were preserved as traditional sections of annual meeting. At the moment School unites about 120 respondents from majority of science and conservancy centers of Ukraine, including Askania-Nova, Kanev, Kyiv, Luhansk, Lviv, Nizhyn, Simferopol, Rakhiv, Kharkiv, Yaremcha, etc. Daily work is carried out in the mode of teleconference. Once a year the general meeting takes place. This is a school-seminar that is one of main theriological events in Ukraine.


School work's arrangement

Once a year School's gathered at the main seminar taking one working week, every time — at the base of new institution. Usually School takes place in autumn, in September or October at the territory one of reserved objects.
Each School has one or two main topics, which are discussed during two days. The topic is confirmed at the last session of prevent school.
In the School's framework there are some permanent groups that carry out their round tables according traditional thematic. Among them there are: UCEBA, HELP, ABC, GLIRES, RBU (look in "working groups").
Into traditional sections of School's program also three sections are included: "dissertation Marathon" — reports on the themes of the current research; "information market" — interchange with the most important information on conferences, publications, not typical records, etc.; "new names for theriology" — concurs of student science works.
At Schools other special seminars also have the place. Among them (for last years) there were: photodocumentation and photo-traps, safe work with wild animals as with potentials carriers of different infections, a maximum use of naturally died animals for research purposes.
Important section of each School is excursion (taking day or half of day) into the most interesting natural places of the region where seminar is hold.


School Council

Igor Zagorodniuk (Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology of NASU), Oleksandr Kyseljuk (Carpa­thian National Park), Yaroslav Dovhanych (Carpathian Biosphere Reserve) and Oleksandr Fedorchenko (Danube Natural Reserve) became initiators of 1st School. They also formed first School Council. Later to the Council the most active participants were included too.

Chief of counsil: Zagorodniuk Igor (Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology of NASU)

Members of counsil: Godlevsla Lena (Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology of NASU) Dykyi Igor (Lviv National University) Dulitsky Alfred (Crimean Anti-Plague Station) Kedrov Borys (Nizhyn Pedagogical University) Lobkov Vladimir (Odessa National University) Polischuk Igor (Biosphere Reserve "Askania-Nova") Volokh Anatol (Tavrijsky University)



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