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 Publications about the School

In this page, there are collection of complete reports about al school-seminars in versions published in corresponding editions. Bibliographical references to these publications are placed at the end of each report. All publications are in Ukrainian.

A review of history of initialization and development of the School published in journal "Reserved Business in Ukraine": html-version >>> .

Article on history of the Ukrainian Theriological Society the article by Prof. Igor Emelianov about history of UTS.

Annual reports

I Theriological School-seminar "Theriofauna of Protected Areas " Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, 3 to 7 October, 1994.

II Theriological School-seminar "Monitoring and Methods of Theriofauna Census" Kaniv natural reserve, 23 to 27 October, 1995.

III Theriological School-seminar "Analysis of Faunal Communities", biostation "Yaduty" of Nizhyn national pedagogical university (NNPU), 21-25 October, 1996.

IV Theriological School-seminar "Mammals in the Red Book of Ukraine " Polissya natural reserve, 20-26 October, 1997.

V Theriological School-seminar "Historical changes of fauna and problems of chronicle of Nature's keeping", biostation "Gaidary" of Kharkiv national university, 28 September to 3 October, 1998.

VI Theriological School-seminar "Macrotheriofauna, its current state and perspectives for conservation" Ternopil biostation of Ternopil national pedagogical university in botanical-entomological reserve "Golytskyi", 28 September to 2 October, 1999.

Bat detector workshop 2000 "Workshop on identification of bats and localisation of roosts using bat detectors" - biostation "Yaduty" of Nizhyn national pedagogical university, 29 April to 4 May, 2000.

VII Theriological School-seminar "Large carnivores in Ukraine and adjacent countries" Polissya natural reserve, 15 to 17 December, 2000.

VIII Theriological School-seminar "Mammals of open spaces" Lugansk natural reserve (Provalskyi Step), 13 to 18 May, 2001.

IX Theriological School-seminar "Methods for theriofauna census" "Roztochya" natural reserve, 7 to 12 October, 2002.

X Theriological School-seminar "Insular Effects and Geoinformation Systems" Crimea, vil. Prokholodne, 6-11 October, 2003.

XI Theriological School-seminar Investigation of Hydrophyle Communities of Mammals Mykolajiv prov., Mygija, 11 to 16 October, 2004.

XII Theriological School-seminar (pdf) Synanthropy of Mammals and Fauna of Urboecosystems Luhansk, 25 to 29 November, 2005 (report in Ukrainian).


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