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українська версія Composition of modern mammal fauna of Ukraine

This chapter includes list of mammal species, that are in the composition of natural commu­nities in the territory of Ukraine. Checklist was adopted by the 9 Theriological school:
[list of mammal species of Ukrainian fauna >>>] [review of generic groups (pdf 688 kb) >>>]

Discussion about ukrainian name of mammals of Ukrainian fauna, ways of their formation and stabilisation of national nomenclature, that at first was placed on the page "hot reading", now is disposed there: [arguments for names >>>] and [about ukrainian names >>>]

Review of polytypical groups, their composition and distribution of "small" species (sibling and allospecies) due which we have main changes in our views on real fauna composition, is presented here in pdf format [in ukrainian, by I. Zagorodniuk, 1,66 mb >>>]

Review of changes of mammal fauna of Ukraine in annalistic times, description of extinct species, use of fauna in different periods and modern enrichment of game fauna is presented here in pdf-format [in ukrainian, by I. Sokur 1,34 mb >>>]

Review of adventive mammal fauna of Ukraine, including introduced species, as well as species that appeared as result of invasions, including synanthropic species, is presented here in pdf-format [in ukrainian, by I. Zagorodniuk, 0,49 mb >>>]

Classification on higher taxa level

Class Mammalia is presented in the fauna of Ukraine about 140 species, that are belonging to 30 families, 10 orders and 5 superorders. Complete list of species, including alien fauna (except of species, that live in artificial conditions), is given on the next page (>>>). Below, basic taxonomical structure of fauna on the level of higher taxa is presented, with specifying of species richness of families.

Estimations of fauna richness are given using maximized lists, i.e. taking into account sibling species and allospecies, as well as recently extinct species, allien and phantom species. Actual species richness of mammal fauna for each period of its existence (for ex., 2 centuries ago and today) is smaller for 20 %.

1. superorder Insectivora — insectivores (14 species) order Erinaceiformes Erinaceidae (3), Talpidae (2) order Soriciformes Soricidae (9) 2. superorder Archonta — archonts (primates and bats) (31 species) order Vespertilioniformes Rhinolophidae (4), Vespertilionidae (26) order Pongiformes Pongidae (1) 3. superorder Anagalida — anagalids (rodents in wide sense) (55 species) order Leporiformes Leporidae (3) order Muriformes Myocastoridae (1), Castoridae (1), Pteromyidae (1), Sciuridae (7), Myoxidae (4), Sminthidae (4), Allactagidae (1), Dipodidae (1), Spalacidae (5), Muridae (10), Cricetidae (2), Arvicolidae (15) 4. superorder Ferae — feras (carnivores) (23 species) order Caniformes Canidae (6), Ursidae (1), Mustelidae (12), Phocidae (1), Felidae (3) 5. superorder Ungulata — ungulates (21 species) order Balaeniformes Balaenopteridae (1), Delphinidae (3) order Equiformes Equidae (2) order Cerviformes Suidae (1), Cervidae (6), Bovidae (8)



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