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full ukrainian version The price of life of animal from the pointview of zoologist

... When I wrote this material I did not hope at all, that it would have such popularity (in Ukraine), that it would hook so much the zoological bohemia. The current version includes answers to those numerous opponents who have appeared for this time. Igor Zag.

article 'Zookillers' (in Ukrainian)    "to_killer"

Mammal fauna of Ukraine, and national names of mammals

New discussion has arisen during dissertation report of Dr. Kondratenko. As each can understand, this discussion was initiated by russian-speaking non-mammologists: they count names, that not single-rooted with Russian names, are inadmissible "polonizms" (vyvirka, sarna, norytsja, etc) and they suggest to return to recent "sovietizms" ([example]). Below, the list of taxa that was authorized by the IX School, is hung out.

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