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brief information about nearest seminar

Attention! In English version of this site just brief information about nearest workshop is given. Complete information is placed on the Ukrainian pages. If somebody is interesting in detailed information about nearest seminar, plese, contact with somebody from Council of School.


detailed in Ukr.:

14-та школа

13-та школа

12th workshop (ukrainian vers.)

11th workshop (ukrainian vers.)

10th workshop (ukrainian vers.)

reports about previous schools (ukr.)


english version Theriological School 2007:
"Monitoring of fauna and distant methods of mammal investigations"

Dear colleague,

Nearest workshop of Ukrainian Mammalogical Society (XIV Theriological school-seminar) will held 24-28 September 2007 near the Chornobyl Exclusive zone in Ecopolis camp, northern part of Kyiv province.

Current workshop has previous title "Monitoring of fauna and distant methods of mammal investigations" and will make presize, that will be reported in the first circular.

Organizing Committee of School includes: Sergij Gaschak and Denis Vishnevsky from local side, Lena Godlevska and Igor Zagorodniuk from Council of Theriological School.

Project of Agenda, registration form, list of registered participants, infotmation about regular transport, recomendations for reports and rules for authors of proceedings will be placed in special page "SHKOLA 14" (button in left side). Preliminary registration is necessary. Please, check new information on the site in a future.

Igor Zagorodniuk
29 April, 2007