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Theriology in Ukraine 2001

Visnyk of the Luhansk Pedagogical University,
Series Biological Sciences. 2002, № 1 (45), 241 pp.


Issue includes proceedings of VIII Theriological school-seminar "Mammals of open areas", among them there are editor foreword ("Theriology in Ukraine 2001") and 39 articles, that are grouped in 5 chapters: 1) Theriological studies at reserved territories — 6 articles; 2) Studies of rodents — 10; 3) Studies of insectivorous and bats — 8; 4) Studies of carnivorous mammals — 8; 5) Studies of ungulates — 7 articles.

Bibliography. Theriology in Ukraine 2001. (Proceedings of the VIIIth Theriological School). — Visnyk of the Luhansk Pedagogical University, 2002, № 1, 241 pp.

Theriology in Ukraine 2001 (foreword of editor)

1. Theriological studies at reserved territories

Borozinets V. O. Lugansk natural reserve and ways for its biodiversity conservation
Kysselyuk O. I. The population of small mammals of forest ecosystems of the Ukrainian Carpathians' northeast macroslopes
Kondratenko O. V. Theriological investigations in the reserve "Provalska step"  >>> (pdf 148 kb)
Limansky S. V., Kondratenko A. V. Current state of the teriofauna of the reserve "Melovaya flora"  >>> (pdf 130 kb)
Polishchuk І. K. Hunting mammal fauna of the Biosphere reserve "Ascania Nova" and its dynamics
Selyunina Z. V., Rusin M. Ju., Rusina L. Ju. Faunistic basis for the former military range reservtion

2. Studies of rodents

Volokh A. M. A role of muskrat migration in forming of Priazovskiy part of its areal in Ukraine
Dulitsky A. I., Tovpinets N. N., Evstafiev I. L. Jerboa Allactaga major and ground squerell Spermophilus pygmaeus as inhabitants of open areas of the Crimea
Emelyanov I. G., Peskov V. M., Malinkov A. A. Integral analysis of morphophysiological characters variability in age and sexspecific groups of social vole
Kobynets N. M. History and state of investigations of small mammals in urban ecosystems of Ukraine and adjacent countries. P. 58-66. >>> (pdf 82 kb
Kostenko S. A., Glazko Т. Т., Buntova E. G. Cytogenetic anomalies in three species of voles (Arvicolidae) under the conditions of 30-km zone of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station. P. 67–75. >>> (pdf 514 kb)
Naglov V. A., Tkach G. E. Rodents community structure in agrocenosis within forest-steppe and steppe zones of Kharkov region. P. 76–79.  >>> (pdf 63 kb)
Peskov V. M. Differentiation of sibling and morphologically close voles species (Arvicolidae) based on scull proportions. P. 80–84.  >>> (pdf 74 kb)
Popova L. V. On the nature of morphotypical variability of dentition in Arvicola
Tokarsky B. A. Steppe marmot Marmota bobak (Rodentia, Sciuridae) in Ukraine. Social mutual relations.
Tokarsky V. А., Kartashov А. V., Zubatov Ju. M., Kozyra P. S. European beaver colonies (Castor fiber) in the northeast of Ukraine. P. 104–109.  >>> (pdf 70 kb)

3. Studies of insectivorous and bats

Bashta A.-T. V., Srebrodolska Ye. B., Dykyy I. V., Mysiuk V. O. Pond bat Myotis dasycneme in the western part of Ukraine >>>
Bobkova O. O. On the question of bat ectoparasites fauna studying in Ukraine >>>
Kovalyova I. M. Influence of gravity on adaptation of thorax form and function in bats (Chiroptera) >>>
Negoda V. Sexual pattern in populations of Pipistrellus nathusii and P. pipistrellus in Ukraine >>>
Petrushenko Ya., Godlevska L., Zagorodniuk I. Investigations on bat communities in the Siversky Donets flood-lands. P. 121–124. >>> (pdf 88 kb)
Ruzhilenko N. S. Species composition, spatial distribution and dynamics of shrews' population (Soricidae) in flood-lands islands of Kaniv natural reserve
Skorobogatov E.V. Estimation of Kreminsky lakes (flood-plain of Siversky Donets river) as Desman habitats. P. 136–139. >>> (pdf 74 kb)
Tyshchenko V. M. Current state and ecological peculiarities of Myotis daubentonii in the Podillya territory (Ukraine). P. 140–149. >>> (pdf 450 kb)

4. Studies of carnivorous mammals

Borovik E. N. Wolf (Canis lupus) population state in eastern regions of Ukraine
Dumenko V. Wolf (Canis lupus) in the region of the Biosphere Reserve "Ascania-Nova"
Dykyy I. V. An analytical review of the scientific publications on problems of badger (Meles meles) biology P. 154–170. >>> (pdf 436 kb)
Zhyla R. , Shkvirya M., Petriv Z., Sagaydak A., Garmata S. Spatial distribution of bobcats and wolves nearby and at the territory of Polisky reserve. P. 173–174. >>> (pdf 210 kb)
Zhyla S. M. On some spatial structure peculiarities of wolf population in Ukraine. P. 175–177. >>> (pdf 213 kb)
Legeida I. S. A nearness of water as factor for spatial distribution of fox burrows
Roman Ye. G. Stone marten and badger in the Lower Dnieper territory: habits, number, features of ecology
Timoshenkov V. A. Carnivores in "Khomutovsky Step" Reserve. P. 192–194.  >>> (pdf 111 kb)

5. Studies of ungulates

Vishnevsky D. O. Analysis of ungulate communities of Ukraine from the viewpoint of Hutchinson's constant. P. 195-197.  >>> (pdf 126 kb)
Delehan I. V., Delehan I. I. Wild boar (Sus scrofa) in anthropogenic landscapes  >>> (pdf 145 kb)
Dyman T., Glazko V., Yasinetskaya N. Genetic variation in Turkmenian kulan (Equus hemionus kulan)
Zagorodniuk I. V. Allospecies of the roe deer (Capreolus): nature of differences between them and status of populations from Ukraine >>> (pdf 230 kb)
Kolesnikov M. A. The horse-breeding in Lugansk region (Ukraine)
Melnichenko B. G., Pilipenko D. V., Shiryaev S. V. The result of Cervus nippon acclimatization in the Velikoanadol forest  >>> (pdf 230 kb)
Tkachuk Yu. B. Features of the dynamics of the European deer (Capreolus capreolus) in the Bukovina forest. P. 230-232.  >>> (pdf 140 kb)

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