Valery Dombrovski

Valery Dombrovski

(bats of Belarus)



Affiliation: Institute of Zoology, National Academy of Sciences, Minsk, Belarus (2017, vol. 15)

Degree: PhD

Publications in PTS (in language published)

Dombrovski, V. C. Maternity colonies of Myotis brandtii in the Polesie State Radiation-Ecological Reserve. Proceedings of the Theriological School. 2018. Vol. 16. (in press).

Dombrovski, V., Fenchuk, V., Zhurauliou, D. The bat fauna (Mammalia, Chiroptera) of Stary Zhaden Zakaznik, Southern Belarus. Proceedings of the Theriological School. 2017. Vol. 15: 3–9. >>>

Домбровский В., Болотіна И. К териофауне Национального парка «Припятский» (Беларусь). Праці Теріологічної Школи. 2014. Том 12: 22–25. >>>


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