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Ukrainian Theriological Society

The Xth international theriological school-seminar
"Insular effects and geographic information systems"

Crimean unplague station of Ukraine
Crimean Republic SES
Tavrian national university


Information letter of 8 June 2003


Dear colleague,

We warmly invite you to take part in the Xth Theriological School-seminar
"Insular effects and geographic information systems".

Date and place

The School will be hold during one working week, from Monday, 6 October, till Saturday, 11 October, at the base of geological department of branch of Moscow University (Crimean Republic, Bakhchisarai District, Prokholodne Village, 24 km to the west from Simpheropol).

Main topics

Use of GIS-technologies in theriological studies. General base for keeping of databases and their geographical analysis. Estimation of species' presence at census territories, different quality of census data and their use for analysis. Analysis of historical changes in ranges and problems of their fragmentation. Natural reserved territories as islands. Problems of medical theriology and prediction of infections' dynamics.

Traditional sections of the School

1. Actual problems of theriofauna censuses: experts' reports with demonstrations.

2. "European bat night 2003 in Ukraine": reports on bats' research, field work, viziting of Kizil-Koba Cave.

3. Field training on census of hunting theriofauna (and visit of pheasant farm "Kholodna gora ").

4. Round table of "HELP" group on problems of monitoring of large carnivores.

5. Information fair

6. New names in the theriology: concurs of young scientists' works.


Gathering of participants - in Simpheropol on 6 October at the railway station near aidpost (building with red cross) from 7:00 till 12:00.

Lodging and meal

Participants will be settled in wood buildings of the Base with 6-7 sleeping places (it's better to have sleeping bags). Water-supply and other things are outside. Buildings are not heated, so it's necessary to have warm clothes. Habitation will be cost $1,7-1,9 a day. Meal - in the same borders.


Ukrainian, Russian.

Registration fee

Registration fee - $3,8 (identification card, paper case, program, etc.)

Proceedings of the Xth School

Manuscript's volume - to 8-10 pages with 1800 symbols. One page costs $1,4. Deadline - 1 September.

Organizing Committee

Dulitsky Alfred (Crimean unplague station),
Dykyi Igor (Lviv National University),
Godlevska Lena (Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology of NASU),
Goldin Pavlo (Tavrian National University),
Mykhailova Oleksandra,
Tovpynets Mykola (Crimean Republic SES),
Zagorodniuk Igor (Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology of NASU).

Information channels


oblako@home.cris.net - Goldin Pavlo
zoozag@yahoo.com - Zagorodniuk Igor
dc@isppe.freenet.kiev.ua - Godlevska Lena

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