Ігор Дикий в лабораторії

Evgeniy V.

українська версія

Research interests: ecology and peculiarity distribution of semi-aquatic mammals (beaver Castor fiber L., 1758, desman Desmana moschata L., 1758, otter Lutra lutra L., 1758); the game-play macrotheriofauna.

Projects and investigations: participation in 15 ecological scientific and conservation projects, including leading 11 of them (list see below).

Current work: Senior staff scientist, the Group of Applied Problems in Animal Ecology, The Research Institute of Biology of Kharkov National University (Kharkov, Ukraine)

Publications: author of 23 publications (list of main publications).

Contact: Institute of Biology, Kharkov National University,
Sq. Svobody,4, Kharkov, 61077, Ukraine.
Tel.: (+38-057) 707-51-72.
E-mail: ec-ozone#mail.ru, ec-ozone#ukr.net.

Main realised projects:

1999/2000 – field assistant of the project “Population dynamics of the European Beaver (Castor fiber L.) at the southern border of its range and factors influencing this dynamics - estimation of modern spatial and demographic structure of Beaver’s settlements at its range border and investigation of dispersion dynamics of this species (supported by British Ecological Society).

2000/2002 – leader of the project “Russian Desman in Ukraine” (project of inventory of Desman population in Ukraine and urgent measures for its conservation) (funded by People’s Trust for Endangered Species, Fauna & Flora International, Chicago Zoological Society, Explorer’s Club).

2002/2003 – leader of the project “Canteen for beavers” - project of bio-technical measures aimed at increase in population of Beaver in Krasnokutsk district, Kharkov region by Ukraine) (supported by Office of the Counsellor for Agriculture and Nature, Royal Netherlands Embassy in Ukraine).

2005 – leader of the project “Russian Desman at the Desna river in Ukraine” – project of inventory of Desman population in North-eastern Ukraine (supported by Frankfurt Zoological Society).

2006 – field assistant of the project “Save foxes in Ukraine!” supported by Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW)

2006 – leader of the project “Desman & Electrofishing” ” - prevention of destroying key Russian Desman habitats within the only fragment of the species range in Ukraine. (supported by Crowder Messersmith Conservation Fund.

2007/2008 – leader of the project “Russian Desman is not a myth but an Ukrainian reality” (supported by National Geographic Society and Cleveland Metroparks Zoo).

2008 – leader of the project “River Otter (Lutra lutra) in Kharkov region (Ukraine)” - The project aim is to reveal the status of River Otter in Kharkov region (North-eastern Ukraine) and to attract public attention to the species protection (supported by Rufford Small Grant Foundation).

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