Sergiy ZAIKA


(ecoology, zoology)


Participation in network of Theriological school: participant and orgcommittee member of XV, XVI and XVII Therioschool's workshops .

Field of scientific interests: mammal ecology, pellets metod, trophic connections, owls.

Qualification works: 2009 Master's thesis "Micromammals as birds-of-prey predators object" in specialty "Ecology and protection of environment" (Taras Shevchenko Luhansk National University).

Current place of employment: post-graduate student of National Natural History Museum NAS of Ukraine.

Scientific publications: authors of 8 articles and abstracts (list of publications with links to PDF).

Post address: Zaika Sergey Vital'evich, P.O. Box 48, Luhansk-11, 91011, Ukraine. Phone: +38-(050)-1892502;

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created 23 july 2009
update 17 february 2011