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Migratory status of bats in Ukraine

(Novitates Theriologicae. Pars 6)

Summary. Special issue of the Bulletin deals with investigations of migration status of bats. History, present state and methods of investigations are analysed, including comparison of seasonal aspects of fauna and of species geographical ranges, individual marking of animals, analysis of phenology. Descriptions of migration status of taxonomic and ecological groups are given. Detailed descriptions of regional bat faunas are presented. Analysis of phenological data obtained from the collections of zoological museums is given. General review of migration status of the bats, including the rating of species by their migration activity, analysis of migrant ways and some other peculia­rities, are prepared.

Bibliograpgy: Migratory status of bats in Ukraine. Edited by I. Zagorodniuk. Kyiv: Ukrainian Theriological Society, 2001. 172 pp. (Novitates Theriologicae. Pars 6).

Content and Editor's foreword  >>>

Chapter 1. History and methods

Igor Zagorodniuk. Migration of bats: the essence of phenomenon, fundamental definitions, methods of investigations.  >>>
Lena Godlevska & Oksana Konoval. Methods of marking of bats for the analysis of their spatial dynamics  >>>
Lena Godlevska History of bats' migration studying in Ukraine.  >>>
Julij Krochko. Bat-ringing: experience and search for alternatives  >>>
Tomasz Postawa Migration activity of bats during hibernation  >>>

Chapter 2. Features of systematical and ecological groups  >>>

Igor Zagorodniuk. Checklist of bat genera and species from Ukraine  >>>
Yaroslav Petrushenko. Horseshoe bats: Rhinolophus  >>>
Julij Krochko. Schreibers' and mouse-eared bats: Miniopteruset Myotis  >>>
Igor Zagorodniuk. Long-eared and barbastelle bats: Plecotus ˛Ó Barbastella  >>>
Volodymyr Tyschenko. Bat of the genus Nyctalus  >>>
Igor Zagorodniuk & Vadym Negoda. Pipistrelle bats of the genus Pipistrellus and genus Hypsugo  >>>
Lena Godlevska. Bats of the genera Vespertilio et Eptesicus  >>>
Yaroslav Petrushenko. Speleobiontic communities of bats  >>>
Oksana Bobkova. Ectoparasite fauna of migrant and residental bat species  >>>

Chapter 3. Regional features of bat fauna

Evgenia Srebrodolska, Igor Dykyy, Volodymyr Mysjuk. Summer bat fauna of the Shatsk National Nature Park  >>>
Olexander Kysselyuk. Seasonal aspects of bats' fauna of the Northeast macroslopes of the Carpathians  >>>
Mykola Matvejev & Volodymyr Tyschenko. Winter faunal communities of bats in the National Nature Park "Podilski Tovtry"  >>>
Sergij Zhyla, Maryna Shkvyria, Vadym Negoda. Seasonal dynamics of bats populations in the Polissian Natural Reserve  >>>
Anatoly Poluda & Igor Zagorodniuk. Migration of bats on the ornithological station "Lebedivka"  >>>
▓gor Polischuk. Summer bat fauna of Askania-Nova (investigation with ultrasonic detector)  >>>
Alfred Dulitsky, Alexandra Mikhailova. On the character of bat species presence in the Crimea  >>>
Anton Vlaschenko. On the phenology of bats from the Kharkiv province  >>>

Chapter 4. Chiropterological notes

Volodymyr Miroposlki. Autumn record of Eptesicus nilssonii in the Kyiv region  >>>
Volodymyr Strigunov & Valerij Kotsiuruba. Autumn & winter records of Pipistrellus kuhlii in Central Ukraine  >>>
Igor Zagorodniuk. Winter records of bats from Roztochchia upland  >>>
Anton Vlaschenko. Autumn migration of Nyctalus noctula in Kharkiv City  >>>
╬leksandr Kondratenko. Bats of steppe regions of Luhansk province  >>>
Taras Bashta. Advices for the marking of bats using rings  >>>

Chapter 5. Conclusion and addition information

Igor Zagorodniuk & Lena Godlewska. Bats on the collections of zoological museums of Ukraine: phenological review of data  >>>
Igor Zagorodniuk. General picture of bat fauna dymnamics in Ukraine  >>>
Information about authors
Igor Zagorodniuk. Boris Popov and the beginings of chiropterology in Ukraine  >>>


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